WolzConsult - für erfolgreiche Bauprojekte

WolzConsult is completely independent and has only one goal - the success of your project.


Our staff has experience in management and supervision of construction projects at home and abroad.


We focus on infrastructure, resorts and international projects.


Our services cover consulting and management services around your building project. Whether project management, organizational, or the coordination of several projects in a "program management"- we have the experience to ensure your success.


WolzConsult was founded by Klaus-Dieter Wolz in early 2009 (reorganized as WolzConsult GmbH in June 2011), after nearly 30 years in leading positions in the consulting business. The company specialized in consultancy for construction projects can assist with this experience.


Main focus:

  • Assistanc of clients
  • Support for building owners, architects and engineering companies in the implementation of projects
  • Project organization and project coordination
  • Training in project management
  • Acquisition Support
  • Advice on the organization and the realization of construction projects
  • Applying for funding

As an owner-managed company WolzConsult is completely independent and solely committed to its customers. The successful implementation of your projects is our goal. To lead your projects to a successful completion is our goal and our success.

Complex projects need a project-specific organization and a customized management. This is provided by WolzConsult. In order to create an optimal structure for you project, we usually start with a project analysis, in which the project, the objectives of the client and the requirements are defined. As a next step, a tailor made project organization will be developed and initiatedtogether with the Client. This may be formed by the client's employees, WolzConsult and third parties and will always be individually adapted to the project. The selection and invitation of planners and consultants, contract monitoring, scheduling and coordination is carried out as well as the cost and quality control by our team.

Project management

  • Project Analysis
  • Project Preparation
  • Project Organization
  • Contract Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Control and Cost Management
  • Scheduling
  • Project Supervision



  • Identifying needs for supply and disposal
  • Feasibility studies for infrastructure
  • Bank Controlling
  • Assistance in applying for funding
  • Controlling clients
  • Cost, schedule and quality monitoring
  • Training


The extensive experience of our employees in over 30 countries and the successful projects implemented assure your success.


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